December 2018

Recurrent manufacturing of pressure vessels (accellerator) for Crash Impact Testing Systems (CIS)


image description
image description
image description

valve blocks for CIS accelarator, manufactured by Ruhfus in House

November 2018


Despatch of 24 dam cylinders for Raciborcz, flooding project, Poland

image description

12 x 400/ 250 x 4.600 mm

wire transducer and Ruhfus 300 Top Coat ceramic

image description

12 x 320/ 180x 8.800 mm

LPM and Ruhfus 300 Top Coat ceramic

Mai 2018


Surveilance audit and final approval of crane cylinder for marine vessel in Skandinavia by RMRS

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image description

November 2017


Successfal final inspection of project "Ghiz Ghalassi", Iran

servomotors and power packs for bottom outlet gates, emergency gates, service gates

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image description

October 2017


Final execution of second (follow up) order for turbine adjustment servomotors for hydro power project Belo Monte, Brazil

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January 2016


excecution of first order of press cylinder for decomposition of radioactive waste in nuclear plants (ID 850 mm)


- suitability approved for radioactive environments -


December 2016


execution of 6 plunger cylinders
(ID 1.050 mm) for metal forming press plant in the U.S.







December 2015


the largest turbine vane adjustment cylinders Ruhfus have ever build were delivered to Brazil for Belo Monte project

press cylinder for nuclear waste disposal

image description

press cylinder for forming and bending of stainless steel pipes up to 300 mm ID

stainless steel pipe bending and forming

turbine vane adjustment cylinders for 11  GW hydro power plant

turbine vane adjustment

February 2014


We manufactured an impressive press cylinder for 10,000 tonnes pressing force




image description

press cylinder



image description

cylinder assembly


August 2013


In August 2013 a cylindrical grinding machine in the manufacturing dimensions:

3,000 mm centre distance,

600 mm grinding diameter

was put into operation

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July 2013


In July 2013 a sand and steel blasting plant was completed for the optimised pre-treatment of our paint products

image description

steel blasting and preparation for painting


December 2012

New investments in the expansion of the machine facilities (large CNC lathe) to meet the future requirements of the customers’ increasingly large cylinders

image description

rod on Weiler E200


July 2010


Vallourec Mannesmann Tubes Magazine

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